Exchange with your partners more easily and securely!

Outsourcing the management of EDI flows

  • Activate EDI flows with your partners! 
An outsourced service is offered to you to exchange your data with your different partners (Carriers, Freight forwarders, but also ERP systems, WMS,...).
  • Access this service regardless of the hosting mode of your TMS.
Whether your TMS is hosted in SaaS or On-Premise mode, the EDI service is accessible, provided and hosted by DDS.  
  • An extensive catalogue of MFT
Connectors MFT (Managing File Transfer) connectors ensure reliable exchanges, security and the ability to evolve through a wide range of messaging and file transfer protocols. 

Transformation of any type of message

  • Connect more easily with your partners!
Smooth and ultra-flexible EDI: the connectors used simplify the mapping, transformation and integration of your messages with DDS solutions and third-party applications.
  • This service allows you to exchange in different formats
INNOVERT, EANCOM, EDIFACT, X12 messages are natively integrated in order to facilitate the implementation of EDI with your partners. The business flows currently processed are Orders, Shipping Notices, Receipt Notices, Invoices, Event Status or Tracing.

Flow security with SFTP, AS2, OFTP2 protocols

  • Communicate safely! 
This service is equipped with various secure communication standards that meet market standards.

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