Route optimisation integrated into DDS Shipper! 

Do you know whether your fleet of vehicles is properly sized to the fluctuating nature of your business? Having the assurance that its customers will be delivered on time? it's an everyday challenge.

To meet this challenge, we have integrated route optimisation into your TMS DDS Shipper. You will be able to:

  • Use the data from your business already in your TMS
  • View all your geocoded addresses on a digital map that is updated daily.
  • Configure the specifics of your activity in a few minutes.
  • Move your breakpoints or reorganize your tours with a simple drag and drop.
  • Optimize your routes: balancing the workload, respecting time slots, reducing the number of kilometres traveled, reducing the carbon footprint.
With this new route optimization module integrated into your TMS DDS Shipper, you can handle both the operations entrusted to your carriers and those carried out with your own fleet. Your transport plans are thus streamlined and your customers are well delivered.

DDS Shipper's route optimization is : 


  • Creation of specific filters to plan and optimize all or part of the database
  • Reversing the order of the tours in one click
  • Mass assignment of unplanned shutdowns


  • Selection of customers not to be delivered by ticking/unticking
  • Route calculation based on forecast traffic data
  • Optimization calculation for each tour, independently of each other, or for the whole tour
  • Results, travel times, km and CO2 emissions are obtained instantly
  • Change the tour schedule by simply dragging and dropping tour points and automatically generating a new route calculation
  • Constraint Management :
    • customer time slots,
    • prioritization of clients to visit,
    • filling or emptying visit,
    • duration of visit,
    • quantities and types of units to be delivered,
    • capacities and types of units carried by the vehicles,
    • route planner - avoid motorways and toll sections, arrive/departure in the direction of traffic,
    • competence of the vehicle,
    • working time ranges of mobile staff - duty times, working hours, time slots, durations and resting places.

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